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A collection of News Articles about the drawbacks of hostile designing

Vox Media Video: Why Cities are full of uncomfortable benches? November 29th, 2017 (Informational) 

Digital School College California:4 Facts About Hostile Design and Architecture Training, 2019 

Intentionally unpleasant structures are intended to shape human behavior, Coby McDonald, July 28, 2016 

New York City, like other urban centers, is studded with spikes, nubbins, barriers, and other design elements to keep you moving along. Michelle Legro November 2018

It's not just you, they're an example of Hostile Architecture: Vox Media | Carlos Waters | November 29, 2017

A webpage by CNN, invited a designer and co-founder of an architecture factory to discuss the pros and cons of Hostile Designing

A video of a TEDx presentation about why hostile designs should be avoided. - Cara Chellew, March 5th, 2019




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