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About Me

Hello there!  I am a scholar inquirer, soccer lover, and climate researcher. Currently studying in Kuwait, lived in 3 countries and visited 20, my travel experiences formed me as a curious and inquiring person.

Scholar Inquirer

I am currently in my third year studying at the American School of Kuwait. Prior to Kuwait, I have been studying most of my elementary and middle school education at the Prague British School in Czechia. I have a strong passion for learning, especially history; exploring all those stories and anecdotes of our ancestors provided me a more comprehensive view of the world and how the past shaped the present. 

Inspired by the SLC ideology, all of our studies are interdisciplinary, meaning that we get the opportunity to merge our topics together to ascertain their interrelations, this is what makes academics fascinating.

Soccer lover

I love sports, especially soccer. Soccer has been my favorite sport for 5 years, and I have been playing for multiple teams including local clubs and the school's soccer team. Despite being a great sport to workout and to practice cooperation, soccer allows me to relieve my stress and enjoy myself. I really enjoy the excitement this sport brings to me, whenever I feel distressed academically, I get a chance to get into my own world of soccer.

Climate researcher

A passion, inspired by my Summer School experience at Phillips Exeter. Climate change stirred curiosity since massive floods and other natural disasters related to climate started emerging around the world. For years, I kept on asking myself this intricate but seemingly simple inquiry: "Why are some people so reluctant to combat climate change if it's not an inevitable disaster?" After my summer studies, it seems like I'm a step closer to the answer. 

"Politics play a huge role in influencing society, and politics is very complicated." The leftists and rightists have different perspectives on this issue. With many right-wing conservatives denying climate change, the ones seeking for economic profits rather than global sustainability tend to share the same stance. 

Climate change is more than just the single concept of global warming; this is the reason why it's so fascinating, and I'm hoping to transform myself into a climate change-related politics expert in the future.