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The Sculpture of King Ramses II, Inspired by "Ozymandias"


Inspired by the poem “Ozymandias”, my main concentration of this project is to analyze the sculptural structure of King Ramses II’s statue geometrically and merging it to his historical legacy and success.

I started this project by analyzing the poem “Ozymandias” by Percy Shelley; written about the transience of an ancient, formidable Egyptian Pharaoh, King Ramses II and how his renowned statue fractured. Shelley bemoaned the unfortunate destruction of such extraordinary construction meanwhile insinuating the theme of transience. I firstly analyzed his connotative, figurative language, and his tone towards the fell of the sculpture. Then, further inspired by the descriptions from Percy Shelley, I researched about King Ramses II’s work and his life, created an informational paper about him and his influence on the New Kingdom of Egypt. Afterwards, I analyzed this great piece of sculpture with geometric theorems, using triangles to prove congruence of his statue -- such as the congruence of his Nemes Headdress-- and how he made his statue symmetrical to symbolize stabilization and formidability of his reign. 

This project not only allowed me to satisfy my curiosity inspired by “Ozymandias” but also allowed me to dig into the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt; their kings, governmental systems, success etc. Further elaborated the philosophical theory of transience and broadened my perspectives on King Ramses II, the great Pharaoh.

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