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Animation Lecture on Photosynthesis

Our concentration of the project is the study of video lecturing. We primarily focused on making an animation demonstrating the different types and stages of photosynthesis, lecturing students who study Biology. Many online video lectures are oddly long and often times confusing. Our group focused on the study of photosynthesis, grasped knowledge and created a YouTube lecturing video about photosynthesis with illustrations and voiceover explanations. The central aim of my concentration is to make a concise, aesthetic, and ideal animational lecture for kids about photosynthesis. 

We began our project by analyzing a photosynthesis lecture from Khan academy, learnt from their content, sorted out the different steps and types of photosynthesis; specifically, the scientific parts that can be demonstrated with an illustration. Then, we illustrated a plant cell’s chloroplasts (the organelle where photosynthesis takes place) and labeled different parts within such as the stroma, thylakoid, and outer membrane to create a visual base for demonstration. Afterwards, we recorded a voiceover (as heard in the audio), explaining both types of photosynthesis, light-dependent and light-independent reactions; compared and contrasted their reactants and products. We thoroughly described the entire process and formed it into an illustrated animation. We also imported the video onto Edpuzzle and inserted interactive short answer questions, multiple choices, and comments (as shown on Edpuzzle) to ensure a full understanding for students.


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