Foolish armrests

Here's are examples of benches...


Well, not just ordinary benches. If we examine the structure of the bench, we will figure out that there are armrests far below our arm-height.

These benches are produced to discourage people from staying on them for a long period of time.

These benches are the most commonly recognized Hostile Designs and they are literally everywhere.


Threatening Spikes

Here's another example of Hostile Architecture you would find on the street. As suggested, people desired somewhere to sit and the architects designed it in order to save the surface, therefore, spikes were adopted in order to prevent and warn people from taking a quick break.


If we just walk around the street on a busy day, we would merely view it as a decoration, and hardly believe the fact it's just formed to stop you from sitting on it.

Camden Benches

This type of bench first appeared in London 4 years ago.

Simply, it's a bench, just enough to shape itself as a bench to sit on, but nothing more.

The Slight angle on the bench seems to make our sitting more comfortable but actually makes sleeping much more difficult. 


As architects mention, the bench is designed in a way that's only proper for sitting, there is absolutely no way to lay, sleep or skim over it with a skateboard.


As data proposed, this typical type of hostile designed bench has been widely spread in London, emerging in more and more places around the city.

Leaning Bars

Here is an example of a leaning bar, looks quite uncomfortable. New York City has been replacing benches with more and more leaning bars on their Subway Platforms, and this really triggered the people who were just too tired and needed somewhere to sit on.

It prevents loitering and moderates behavior, installed in more and more places as it saves money and space.

Informational Website

Public Bench

These benches seem ordinary, they don't necessarily supply a hostile feeling once you see them but there is one specific detail in the structure we may not notice. If you closely look into one of these benches, you can find tiny little holes on them and you would probably suppose that they are just a worthless design. These holes keep the bench's metal flat frosty so that people won't remain seated on them for a long period of time.

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